Monday, September 17, 2007

And we're back

I think I've used that headline before. I mean it this time.

After I had a solid run of four posts in two weeks, I've fallen into a blogging drought. Which is fine, because I do enough blogging at work to make my head spin.

It's not necessarily quality blogging, as we practice here, but more the maintenance and updating the blogs of others. It's a process which has grown in scope and tedium.

But there are some quality posts on deck -- most notably, the culmination of our much-anticipated two-part series on the nation's airports.

For now, I will continue to revel in Cleveland's surprising victory yesterday over The Nati. Not sure where it ranks in key victories since the '99 return, but it's got to be top three.

The Browns have never really learned to close out a game since they returned, and I had no reason to suspect they would Sunday, especially after their embarrassing 34-7 defeat in the opener, which was followed two days later by the trading of their starting quarterback in a move unprecedented in NFL history.

(No team had ever traded their week 1 starting QB prior to week 2).

If there was ever a team that looked dead in the water after one week, it was the '07 Browns.

Yet they came out Sunday beyond fired up. What they lack in talent, they made up for with a lot of heart and guts. A shameless cliche, you say? Yeah. True. But something got into those crazy cats on Sunday. Might as well credit that.

I won't make any bold predictions off one effort for the rest of the season. For now, I'm content to have my suffering silenced, if only for one day.



At 2:05 PM, Blogger Local said...

Great win for your ball club, especially Romeo, perhaps the only coach out of the Parcells coaching tree that isn't a jackass. It must be nice to have a vertical passing attack and a legitimate running game- two things my team sorely lacks.

At 1:21 PM, Blogger Erik Peterson said...

Can't go wrong with the Moose from Scappoose, Oregon as your quarterback. Go Beavs!


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