Sunday, April 20, 2008

A dark night on E Street

On his current tour, Bruce Springsteen has closed almost every show with American Land. It's a joyful folk song about the beauty of the American Dream told through the context of the Irish immigrating to New York City.

On the previous tour, he closed with Land of Hope and Dreams, his grand vision of an inclusive America.

This train carries saints and sinners
This train carries whores and gamblers

This train carries lost souls


Tomorrow they'll be sunshine
When this darkness will pass

For decades, the story arc of every Springsteen concert concludes with these celebrations of life and hope, friendship and love.

That script could change Tuesday night when he plays the St. Pete Forum.

As you may already know, Danny Federici, one of E Street's pillars, died Thursday of skin cancer. Federici recruited Bruce into Child, his first band. That began a collaboration of music and friendship that spanned 40 years.

No one has been alongside Bruce for longer.

In a man whose ultimate mission is to celebrate a world "lined with the light of the living," how will Bruce play mourning this death?

If Bruce got on stage and couldn't sing a word, I'd understand. I don't know what to expect Tuesday night, but it will be the saddest Springsteen show I've ever seen. Maybe it won't be going to a concert as much as it is attending Danny's funeral.


At 1:25 PM, Blogger Pete said...

A possible answer to my own question ...

Obviously Danny is a much more personal loss, but here's what Bruce said when he played The Spectrum the night after Lennon was shot:

The intro to "Born to Run" on Dec.9:
I’d just like to say one thing....I appreciate it....and it’s a hard night to come out and play tonight when so much’s been lost....the first record...the first record that I ever learned was a record called ‘Twist and Shout’ (cheers).....and if it wasn’t....if it wasn’t for John Lennon, we’d all be in some place very different tonight (cheers).... it’’s an unreasonable... world and you have to live with a lot of things that are just unliveable ....’s a hard thing to come out and play but there’s just nothing else you can do......”


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