Monday, October 17, 2005

update on the worthless "Today" show

If you recall my first-ever entry here, you'll remember I was aghast at the embarrassment the television show "Today" had become.

It has gotten worse.

Not only are the knuckleheads at NBC producing stench-filled programming, they are again lowering the standards of journalism to new depths. This time, the creative devils are making up news stories.

They must have hired Mitch Albom as a special consultant for the show.

(Ahhh, that one was too easy).



At 9:11 AM, Blogger Erik said...

I caught a few of these segments with this reporter and it was so contrived. Two days in a row, she was wading in waist deep water. I kept thinking "what a retarded gimmick" but this one clearly takes the cake.

The best ever was KPTV here in Oregon during our big winter freeze in 2003. Everything was shut down and one segment showed a reporter on the side of a snow-plowed road and this was his lead: "The ice and snow storms have shut many businesses down for two days, costing millions to Portland commerce. But this white gold means this for one business...(he reaches into the snow bank and pulls out a dollar bill). Then it features a snow plow business.

At 12:51 PM, Blogger Dan said...

With a few rare exceptions, television news targets the morons who make up the vast majority of the population, not the tiny segment of the population that is actually capable of thinking critically.

Recently, I saw a promo on the local Fox station for a story about the fake phone numbers that women sometimes give out when hit on at a bar. Hard-hitting stuff, let me tell you.

I've met several people who earned their Masters in journalism from Boston University. They've told me that the students interested in pursuing a career in broadcast journalism are universally vapid.


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